Laser engraver improvements, and a thing we still need

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  1. Justin says:


    I see that you have done a lot of repair to your Mercury Laser Cutter. I actually have the same model and it was working well, then it started giving an error that suggested that the firmware may be acting up. When I updated the firmware, it appeared to have some issue, and now the system doesn’t appear to start up at all. The display remains blank and it no longer goes through the homing process when powered on.

    1.) I suspect that the control firmware needs to be reflashed onto the EEPROM, but I don’t know how to do that when it won’t load into the bootloader mode.
    2.) I don’t know if you would have any suggestions on where to start looking for possible hardware issues that could cause this.

    Since you have really rebuilt yours, I thought you may be able to help.


    • mikeful says:

      Hi. We have no experience with firmware side of these. Can you check if power supply is still working and giving out correct woltages?

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