•  There is one 3D printer at Hacklab: Prusa MK 4

3D printer are fairly easy to use once you get the basic idea sorted out. You have to pass a short course before using the printer


There is material fee for using the printers. With traditional materials (PLA and PETG) it is 0,05€ per gram of finished print. Fairly cheap that is. Usually prints cost something around 1 euro unless you are printing something big.

Only Hacklab provided filament is to be used.

Use 3D-printer only after obligatory course.

To print, you should have your design as an .stl, .obj, .3mf, .amf, .xml, .step or .stp file. Design your own, or download a design for example from Printables or Thingiverse.

  • Use the Prusa Slicer software on the lounge computer, it has been configured for the printer.
  • Import your model file and check that it fits on the print area.
  • Choose configurations and slice your model.
  • Check that filament in the 3D-printer matches configuration in slicer.
  • Clean printing bed with IPA.
  • Send sliced model directly to 3D-printer or use memory stick.

Good idea is to read some resources and familiarize with concept


  • Original Prusa MK4 (1.75mm filament, 250 mm x 210 mm x 220 mm print area)