Organize an Event

Thinking of organizing a course or workshop or some other more or less public event at Hacklab or somewhere else. Great!

The simplest way to organize an event is to just tell people there will be one, and then be there on time to arrange it.

To increase publicity, consider doing some of the following:

  • Add event to calendar (needs WordPress account, see note at bottom)
    • + New -> Event
  • Create promotional material, posters are easily created with, remember to use only free items 🙂
    • Logo and something can be found at Drive
  • Create Facebook event, if applicable. If needed ask help from chat.
  • Post about the event in blog
    • Blog post will automagically spread to users by email
  • If the event is for public print out some posters, bribe friends to print some, promote the event in Facebook by sharing and liking.
    • In Facebook there is “Tapahtumia Vaasassa” group and page, share it to the group and then group admins will later=more closer to event share it to the page.


WordPress account

To get a WordPress account surf to pretty far down on front page and look for Meta on the right-hand sidebar. There should be link to register. Create a user account and if in hurry ask more rights from chat as the account needs to be associated administrative role before it is possible to create content.

The login to WordPress is in the same Meta section for you to use when you need it again later.