Storage Policy

Short version

  • Every member paying the monthly fee has the ability to store some items at the space. The items must fit within one standard Biltema box of one of the two sizes. The taller one (Biltema 28-439) or shorter one (Biltema 28-438) with a closed lid. The boxes are provided by Hacklab.
  • Items not fitting inside a standard container are subject to special arrangement or risking of repurposing or losing.

Longer version

  1. Personal (non-hacklab) projects, parts and tools left at the Hacklab must be in your storage box unless some other arrangement has been made.
  2. Personal storage boxes must only be located on the storage shelf and not on general shelves, under workbenches, etc.
  3. Storage boxes are provided by Hacklab.
  4. One storage box per member.
  5. Storage box must be clearly labelled on the front with the member’s name.
  6. Member with storage box failing to pay the monthly fee will be subject to losing the contents of storage box.
  7. Hacklab group projects should also be stored in a storage box.
  8. Woodworking projects not fitting into a box must be labelled and dated clearly.
  9. Additional storage space can be acquired for a fee.