Become a member – Liity jäseneksi!

Everyone who is interested in doing and making things can join the community. Annual membership fee gives you rights to use the workshop during open house days (Wednesdays) and to take part in themed evenings on those days. Annual membership fee gives you also free or discount access to majority of the workshops, depending on the theme.

Become a member

Membership fee 2021

  • Membership fee 2021, 20 euro

The registration form asks for the membership details needed for the register.

Monthly fee (Kuukausimaksu)

Active users of the Hacklab are expected to pay a monthly fee to cover the costs of the space, tools and equipment. You are free to choose the amount of monthly fee you pay. The options for monthly fee range from 10 to 50 euros per month. Pay as much as you think is good. Average payment should be around 20 euros per month for the community to be able keep things running.

Monthly fee will give you 24/7 access to the space and the right to store your projects on the premises.

Membership register

Vaasa Hacklab keeps record from its members for payment and membership details handling, which personal data file description finds here (in Finnish for now).