Workstation for electronics

Vaasa Hacklab has now a brand new workstation for electronic works!

Workstation enables modern, easy and safe electronic works at the Hacklab. Mainly our electronics related projects have been concentrating on two main categories:

  1. Recycling and repairing used electronic equipment
  2. Small robots, monitoring equipment, controllers and other IoT related stuff

The Workstation for electronics (Teklab) consist of:

  • Oscilloscope 50MHz/1Gs/S/2-channel
  • Function generator 0.3Hz-3MHz, 7 regions
  • Adjustable voltage supply 0-30V/0-3A
  • ESD soldering station 100W
  • 3x power sockets 230V/16A

The workstation is sponsored by Kontram, Devatus, Escarmat and Stormossen. Thank you for supporting us!