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Hack the Lab is Back! 0

Hack the Lab is Back!

During the corona time quite a bit of dust has gathered in the lab’s corners. On Tuesday 6.10.2020 at 17:00 we will do a little bit of cleaning and throwing away old things. Please...


Vaasa Hacklab Hikers

Vaasa Hacklab goes hiking! We aim to explore our surroundings and enjoy the Finnish nature while simultaneously dodging corona virus. We have a group on Telegram, feel free to pop in and say hi!...


Yleisötapahtumat peruttu / Public gatherings cancelled / Offentliga evenemang avbokade

Haluamme kantaa vastuumme Korona-viruksen hillitsemiseksi, joten Hacklabin yleisötapahtumat, kuten kurssit ja avoimet ovet ovat tauolla alustavasti ainakin 15.4 saakka. Kuukausijäsenet saavat edelleen käyttää tiloja kulkuoikeudellaan. Muistakaa käpälien ahkera saippuapesu ja että kotona on parempi...

Open House 1st Saturday of Each Month 0

Open House 1st Saturday of Each Month

Since our Saturday open house experiment was successful, we will continue the tradition. We are open every first Saturday of the month 10-14:00 until the end of May. You’ll find our events on Vaasa...


DIY Munkki 30.4.2019

On Tuesday 30.4. workshop will make Munkki! Workshop at Vaasa Hacklab in the Kasarmi area will take place 18-20. Please register via Holvi latest on Tuesday at 16:00, so that we can purchase enough...

Makeup! 0


Tänään sudimme maalia naamaan klo 18.00. Tuo omat pakkelit, jos löytyy. Tervetuloa pakkeloimaan!    


Workshop report: Game Development Workshop

Mikeful educated some extremely motivated future game making superstars. We had some SEA ADVENTURE ice creams I had purchased months ago. Mikeful set us a challenge of getting rid of them. So we destroyed...