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DIY Munkki 30.4.2019

On Tuesday 30.4. workshop will make Munkki! Workshop at Vaasa Hacklab in the Kasarmi area will take place 18-20. Please register via Holvi latest on Tuesday at 16:00, so that we can purchase enough...

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Tänään sudimme maalia naamaan klo 18.00. Tuo omat pakkelit, jos löytyy. Tervetuloa pakkeloimaan!    


Workshop report: Game Development Workshop

Mikeful educated some extremely motivated future game making superstars. We had some SEA ADVENTURE ice creams I had purchased months ago. Mikeful set us a challenge of getting rid of them. So we destroyed...


Bike chain inferno

On this peaceful Monday afternoon I decided to wage war on my bicycle’s chains. My knowledge on this topic was next to none, but I was confident that my excitement made up for it....