Futuro cube – the could be hit game

Futuro cube

Futuro cube

For some reason two Futuro Cubes appeared on the table of hacklab. Well what the hack. What is this. After some wondering on black box it did eventually light up and started to make some voices and weird light symbols. Pretty easily there was a snake game running after a bit of consulting on how to select the game as each side of the cube had different game or selection but there was not very clear sign on how to confirm the selection.

Snake was ok. Something that you would play again and again but maybe only for a day or two. Then there were some games that were impossible to understand but the other sort of easy one to figure out was road runner. And boy did that include some heavy turning of the cube at enormous speeds. Again a game to play again for some times.

Other than that the cube is equipped with 9 rgb-leds on each side and a micro-usb connector to charge and I understand to update the cube also. The cube is also able to connect to other cube for some multiplayer  activity but that we will need to try later. If we still are interested in the cubes.

Nice idea and some good games but I don’t know how hackable this thing is. You could come up with some better games and try with those but it is still just a cube.

Maybe more good ideas needed. The good thing is there is a SDK and some tutorials available if you do have great ides.

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