Author: mikeful


Progress on metal workshop

There has been push to organize our metal workshop into better shape and much progress has been made. Metal shelves were moved to attic with all the stuff stored previously there. Workbench and bigger...


Course 21.8. DIY Electric Vehicles

Interested in Tesla electric cars or other transport methods of future? Mikko will present currently available electric vehicles and tell about DIY electric skateboard summer project. You are welcome to bring your own projects...


Pelikurssi / game development workshop 23.1.

Valmistaudu Finnish Game Jam 2018 -tapahtumaan! Tiistain 23.1. workshop pelien tekemisestä Godot-pelimoottorilla ja sen GDScript-ohjelmointikielellä. Ota oma läppäri mukaan ja asennamme pelimoottorin siihen kurssin alussa. Workshop pidetään Vaasa Hacklabin tiloissa 23.1.2018 klo 18:00. Prepare for...