Laser cutter works

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  1. juan ressia says:

    Good morning, i am a student from Spain, and now i am doing an exchange on Novia University at Turku.
    One of the projects i am working on is making objects with the laser cutter machine.
    I am not an expert but know how to use some of the programs.
    I was wondering if i could go visit you and see the infrastructure and get to know you.
    Get to know the prices of using it, and all the information i need so i can continue with my project in here aswell.
    Thank you very much!

    • Miika Pietila says:

      Sure you can come and visit. Vaasa is a bit longer way away from Turku but feel free to drop by almost any time just let us know in advance. The cutter is capable of cutting soft materials, we mainly work with 4mm plywood we have available or some acrylics. Price is not an issue 😉

      Better way of contacting is using the contact form or using IRC / Telegram.

  2. juan ressia says:

    I have read that you have a lab in Turku or i am mistaken?
    Do you have an email for me to share a bit more info over there? and see how we can work together…

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