Session 1 – Basics of electronics and drawing a PCB using KiCad

In this session we will learn about the basics of electronics and drawing and manufacturing PCBs.

  • Basic components and reading their values
  • P=UI, U=RI
  • Trace width calculation, wire gauge calculation
  • Drawing schematics
  • Drawing components
  • Laying out a board
  • Producing production files and previewing them
  • Ordering boards from China (e.g. Itead or JLCPCB)
  • Tutorials

Grunderna i elektronik:  Arbis_Maker-kurs lektion 1

Component suppliers


KiCad tutorial

Electrodroid Android app

Wire ampacity

Trace width calculator

Via calculator


quicklib for making KiCad components with many pins


How to read a schematic

Learn electronics

Sparkfun electronics tutorials

Free example schematics

Schematics and projects

Some more example schematics