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Course Contents Suitable for
Basics of sewing
  • How to use sewing machine at Hacklab
Bli en Maker!
  • Maker culture
  • Electronics, programming, CAD
  • 3D-printing, laser cutting, cutting stickers
Beginners, 15 years+
Basics of laser cutting
  • Safety regulations
  • How to use laser cutter
  • Samples and examples of projects
  • Preparing own project
Adults, Children
  • How to 3D print
  • Required Software
  • How to operate
  • 3D modelling and designing
  • 3D printing in practice
Beginners, Adults, Children 7y+
Kids with 3D printer
  • Introduction to 3D modelling and models
  • Simple 3D modelling
  • Preparing 3D model for printing
  • 3D printing in practice
3D modelling
  • Basics of 3D modelling using some software
  • Fusion360
  • OpenSCAD
  • FreeCAD
  • Solvespace
Build your own 3D printer workshop
  • Building a 3D printer in one weekend
Anyone interested in building own 3D printer
Building and programming robots
  • Building a robot on wheels from a kit
  • Programming the robot
Beginners, Children, Adults
Basics of Arduino
  • Basics of microcontrollers
  • Programming
  • Examples
Soldering silver
  • Basics of soldering silver for jewelry
How to operate wood workshop tools
  • Security and safety guidance on woodworking machinery
Candle making
  • Basics of making candles
Soap making
  • Basics of making soap from own ingredients
Decoration with concrete
  • Making small decorative objects with concrete
Basics of ceramics
  • Basic techniques of ceramics and pottery
DIY prints with sticker and heat transfer
  • How to use Roland vinyl cutter at Hacklab