Bonk means material or devices brought to hacklab that might still be useful to someone else.

From bonk-shelves members can freely take anything there is without cost or second tought, it is there for exactly that reason! Members can bring items to bonk-shelf that could be still useful to someone. If possible or meaningful, do mark (with an tape and pen or so) an hint to an item from its state: is it working, not working, partially working, or maybe missing an power supply and similar issues, so less guesswork for potential next user.

Bonks circle of life

So that unused bonk doesn’t pile up at hacklab it is recycled with three shelve method approx. once in week:

  • 1st week shelf: New bonk goes here. Also unnamed things from floor and tables gathers to here.
  • 2nd week shelf: Bonks waits for its taker.
  • 3rd week shelf: Shelve gets dumped into SER/Recycling bins

Idea is that tags at shelves rotate weekly so that 3rd weeks shelf gets emptied to SER and becomes new empty 1st week shelf, 2nd weeks shelf becomes 3rd, and 1st weeks shelf becomes 2nd.

From SER it is not allowed to bring stuff back to bonk-selves but one can take stuff to home or own member-box. SER bin is taken to proper official recycling place when needed.